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A volcanic planet means a planet covered with volcanoes. The planet which has the most numbers of planets in the entire solar system is Venus. 90% of the Venus’s surface is covered with Basalt and about 65% of the planet consists of a mosaic of volcanic lava plains.

Venus has an atmosphere filled with carbon dioxide, with a density that is 90 times greater than Earth’s atmosphere. There are over 1,600 major volcanoes on Venus, none of them are known to be erupting at present though.

Venus has shield volcanoes, widespread lava flows and some unusual volcanoes called pancake domes. These are about 15 km in diameter and less than 1 km in height. They are 100 times larger than those formed on earth.

Volcanism on Venus has taken place within the last 2.5 million years; however there is no absolute evidence that any of the volcanoes have erupted recently. Recent radar imagery shows more than 1,000 volcanic structures and evidence of possible periodic resurfacing of the planet by floods of lava. In addition to the radar images, there is supporting evidence that volcanism has taken place, including an unusual change in the amount of Sulphur dioxide gas.

If these structures fascinate you, FlatPyramid has developed a 3-D model of a Volcanic Planet. This is a high resolution model that can be used for visualization, animation etc. It has been created with high precision and we hope that you like it.

Thanks for showing interest in the 3-D model of a Volcanic Planet.

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