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Girðing 02 - High Ítarlegar


Obj, FBX og max skrár eru þjappað í zip skrár með öllum efni, áferð og möppur.

Standard 3ds hámarks efni og Vray efni innifalinn. með .mat og .mtl

48730 marghyrningar


Nákvæmar nóg fyrir nærmynd.

Fence (also city, hedge, fence, fence, palisade, wattle, tyun, palisade) - a structure that covers the territory, usually in the open air, and usually consisting of pillars and ceilings of various materials, and serving as a fence (protection ) and the framing (border designation) of a particular territory.

There are deaf (solid) fences - and non-continuous, with gaps (for example, a stockade).

Wickets for the passage and gates for passage are made in the fence.

Fences in antiquity
The first protective structures were ditches filled with water and fences. At first, these were primitive fences from improvised natural materials, mainly from wood and stone. Later, with the invention of tools and the development of pottery, metal and brick fences began to appear.

Metal and brick today remain one of the best building materials - both stand-alone materials, and in combination with each other. Forged fences, profiled sheet fences, cast-iron and aluminum fences, as well as a variety of brick fences made of bricks of various textures appeared. Wood and stone did not go out of use - they too learned to process them.


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  • Skurður: 45752
  • Marghyrningar: 48730
  • Geometry: Marghyrndur
  • Hreyfimyndir: Nr
  • efni:
  • Rigged: Nr
  • Áferð:
  • Skráarsnið: 3D Studio Max skrá (.max), Autodesk FBX skrá (.fbx), Wavefront (.obj)
  • Plugins: V-Ray
  • NID: 30096
3D Model ID: 197211

Birt á: Mars 22, 2012
3D Listamaður: VKModels