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A building is a structure with a roof and walls that remain in one place more or less permanent or can be defined as a structure built or intended for supporting, enclosing, sheltering or protecting persons, animals or property with a permanent roof supported by columns or walls.

As we know that people tend to live near their workplace, they are metropolitan centres and cities. This makes the rise in demand for houses and rise in the price. The area in the city also becomes less with the increase in no. of buildings and skyscrapers. The rise in no. of floors and increase in no. of such structures have made a new design and new techniques in use for high rise with less land. There are many types of building like Residential Buildings, Educational Buildings, Institutional Buildings, Assembly Buildings, Business Buildings. A good architecture of the building is focused on an individual perspective, but also on understanding and knowledge of how people interact with buildings. A good design of the building is very important as we spend most of the time in the buildings.

A 3D building model can easily represent the dimensions of objects and their connections in 3D space. It will help to visualize your customer’s space, motion, connection, etc. Therefore FlatPyramid has created a 3D model of 3D building 305, This is a high definition model and its fully textured thus use it for your closeups and visualizations where high-level detail is required. This model can also be used for a variety of purposes such as background for illustration, drawing, animated movies, projects, educational intent, filmmaking, and much more. We have tried our best to keep the model real and high detailed.

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  • NID: 30277
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Birt á: Apríl 9, 2012
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