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Villa is originally a Roman term used in the past to define luxury houses . These estates were usually constructed on beautiful landscapes, with vineyards, fountains, gardens and pools.

In the modern world, a villa can refer to various types and sizes of residences or homes that can be rented seasonally for vacations or holidays. They are sometimes referred to as ‘holiday homes’ or ‘vacation rentals’.

A luxury Villa completes with all facilities & amenities such as pools, gardens, lawns, large balconies, gyms, cinema rooms, tennis courts, and more. A luxury villa is incomplete without the devoted team to serve its visitors and guests. These properties can worth more than one million dollars

At FlatPyramid, we have developed a high resolution 3-D model of a Villa 005 with Fountains and Gardens.. It is available in 3ds, max formats for commercial, non-commercial and editorial purposes. The design can be used in any project. It is one of the most detailed models of a Villa 005 that you will come across on the web. These models are used in difficult architectural visualizations, animations, movies or games.

We care about you that’s why we are providing you this 3D model of Villa 005 in various formats. So, check out the formats provided also in the specifications. However, if you have any questions the object then feel free to contact us.

Thank you for choosing the FlatPyramid fyrir 3D líkan þjónustu.

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  • Skurður:
  • Marghyrningar:
  • Geometry: Marghyrndur
  • Hreyfimyndir: Nr
  • efni:
  • Rigged: Nr
  • Áferð:
  • Skráarsnið: 3D Studio Max skrá (.max)
  • Plugins: V-Ray
  • NID: 36637
3D Model ID: 202877

Birt á: Október 30, 2014
3D Listamaður: kanhtart