Max Crate Pack 3D Model (3ds)

3D Model by dlstorminc

Mega Crate Pack v1.2 features 27 unique crates plus 2 extra helper textures for other crate models that you might create later down the road. Features 3d Max 9 format in both MAX and 3DS formats complete with textures and maps ready to export to your game engine. Just drop in max, and export to your engine, in minutes you can be using this pack with your game project. All images are in 512x512 texture formats and in jpg to help keep the overall size down.

You could expect to pay $7 to $12 a crate if you bought these alone, but through this package, you get 27 game ready crates for an unheard of price of just $25 If your looking for a warehouse full of crates, this is the pack for your project.

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$27.50 $25.00
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3D Model ID: 185650

Birt á: febrúar 13, 2011
3D Listamaður: dlstorminc