Hjól og dekk 3D Models

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If you are creating car 3D model you know that wheels and tires are an important part of the car. With the help of stylish rims, people emphasize their individuality, and the tires provide comfort and safety on the road. In connection with the fact that the wheels have the biggest load, it is important to know about tires, since the quality of driving and the safety of the car depend on them. Professional 3D artists use this features when they are creating wheels and tires 3D models.

Bíll dekkið er skel sem er úr gúmmíi, dúki og málmi og er fest á brún hjólsins. Dekkið samanstendur af skrokknum, slitlagi, belti lagi, hliðarhluti og bead.


Eftir tegund flutninga eru þau skipt í:

Passenger tires – the most common, with a high index of speed, low noise, and good driving performance.
Off-road tires – are designed for cars 4×4, they have a pronounced tread pattern, high load capacity and increased cross-country ability.
Light truck tires (minibuses, buses) – are distinguished by a simple tread, resistance to wear and a high index of load capacity.
Special – cargo, motorcycle and tires for mopeds.

Eftir árstíðabundnum dekk er skipt í:

Summer – are operated at a temperature of +5 degrees, have a less pronounced pattern of tread and good durability. During hot weather, they harden and wear less.

Sumardekkir 3D módel eru skipt í samræmi við slitamynstur:

– highway;
– universal;
– mud.

Winter – used at a low temperature. They have a deeper protector, often have spikes. During the ride in the frost, they warm up and become more elastic. Due to this feature, they have a better grip on the road surface, respectively, improves controllability of the car and reduces the braking distance.

Car rims are divided into:

– steel
– forged
– light alloy
– compound